Nutanix Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

A critical part of HCI is the software layer that brings a place for business applications to actually run. Nutanix provides the foundational Acropolis™ OS software with its AHV hypervisor. This dynamic duo creates a 100% software-defined hardware + software stack that integrates compute, virtualization, storage, networking, and security to power any application, at scale. Because it uses the same architectural approach as leading cloud companies such as Google, Facebook and Amazon, there is truly no limit on the number of nodes in a cluster­—the sky’s the limit. Even better, what you deploy today isn’t what you’re stuck with tomorrow. The nature of the solution means that you can keep cycling nodes in and out as your replacement cycle dictates. No manual data migration and no forklifts necessary!

Rather than piecemeal assembly of various infrastructure parts by specialists, the Nutanix platform is glued together as a simple and fully integrated solution that can be managed by IT generalists. The management interface—called Prism—intelligently guides users to the most contextually relevant operations at any given time and then presents them with one-click actions for routine tasks like provisioning, upgrading, and scaling various resources.

Rather than piecemeal assembly of various infrastructure parts by specialists, the Nutanix platform is glued together as a simple and fully integrated solution that can be managed by IT generalists.

Building on the foundation of AHV and AOS, Nutanix supplies a rich suite of software for making infrastructure nearly effortless to manage and fundamentally secure.

Nutanix Flow delivers advanced network security, providing visibility into the virtual network, application-centric protection from network threats, malware, and ransomware as well as security and compliance monitoring. This protects applications at the VM level. Flow allows organizations to deploy software-defined virtual network security without the complexity of installing and managing additional products that have separate management and independent software maintenance requirements.

Nutanix Calm provides application automation and lifecycle management natively integrated into the Nutanix Platform. With Calm, applications are defined via simple blueprints that can be easily created by generalists and control all aspects of the application’s lifecycle, such as provisioning, scaling, and cleanup. Once created, a blueprint can be published to end users through the Nutanix Marketplace, instantly transforming a complex provisioning ticket into a simple one-click request.

Nutanix Era automates and simplifies database administration. By combining the benefits of hyperconverged infrastructure with the flexibility and operational simplicity of database-as-a-service (DBaaS), Nutanix Era delivers the best of both worlds to enable one-click provisioning, patching, and clones/snapshots across multiple popular database engines. And it does so without the restrictions of single-vendor solutions that are database, cloud provider, or location/deployment-specific.

Nutanix Mine is a turnkey data protection solution that integrates with popular back-up solutions, including those from Veeam and HYCU.

Nutanix Leap frees you from the complexity of managing a full-blown data center for disaster recovery. Rely instead on flexible, cloud-based DR-as-a-Service (DRaaS).

When it comes to security, a fully integrated stack of ingredients baked in brings incredible benefits.

Customer-integrated systems from multiple vendors are not often tested together thoroughly, which increases their potential attack surface for intruders and makes them inherently more vulnerable to threats. The Nutanix platform is a fully integrated system that is security hardened by default “at the factory.”

This hardening model stands in stark contrast to the self-managed approach that DIY infrastructure often requires. Remember: One key area of attack has been through unvalidated or poorly validated infrastucture patches. The more discrete vendors and solutions, the higher the likelihood that something undesirable may slip by.

Watch: Security of the Combined AMD and Nutanix Solution