Do Disaster Recovery Better

So, to summarize, here are the five ways you can do disaster recovery better this decade.


Don’t use a DR site at all. Instead, leverage the on-demand capacity of VMware Cloud on AWS to spin up temporary DR resources only in the event that you need them.


Maximize your budget’s potential. By recovering funds from unnecessarily expensive DR initiatives, you can tackle all sorts of new and exciting projects.


Say “No” to paying ransoms. With the right converged backup and DR technology in place, there is no need to engage in a power struggle with ransomware developers. Instantly restore to just before the attack, plug up whatever hole they came in through, and move on about your business.


Focus on recovery. The best backups in the world fall down when it comes to disaster recovery, unless the system is optimized for recovery speed. Many top-of-the-line backup products are fantastic at storing backups and archiving data; but they fail you at precisely the moment you need them most, which is during DR, by taking hours or days to rehydrate data and perform VM conversions in the cloud.


Believe in your DR plan. With the right technology foundation, you can implement a DR plan free from the staleness and fragility characteristic of many DR plans. With regular, verified recovery compliance, you can actually have faith in the integrity of your DR plan.

If this has whetted your appetite to learn how you can get all this, visit Datrium's website and download The Gorilla Guide To...® Modern Ransomware and Disaster Recovery.

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