Make Your IT Budget Go Farther and Do More

Your budget is limited, just like everyone else’s. If you could accomplish your backup and DR goals with less budget than you currently allocate and deliver more functionality than you do today, what kind of career-boosting stuff could you accomplish with the budget and time you just freed up?

Beyond just the capital investment in maintaining an entire second data center full of hardware, there are substantial operational costs involved. For instance, think about how much time you spend maintaining software at a DR site. When you patch hypervisors at the primary site, you really should bring the hypervisors at the DR site to the same patch level so you don’t end up with any nasty surprises during a failover. This single, routine task has doubled in scope because of your DR site—and so has the hit to your budget.

Also, what happens if real life got in the way and the DR site wasn’t kept up-to-date and then you have a disaster? The entire failover plan might not function the way you expect it to, because some component is out of date. Now you’re having a really bad day.

Instead, what if sophisticated SaaS-based DR orchestration software stood up resources entirely on demand? Until you need it, it doesn’t exist; but the moment you need it, it’s provisioned immediately. Now, you never have to spend man hours to maintain it over time. In addition, you know for a fact that it’s not out of date and it’s functional, because it’s brand new and just instantiated.


Envision adopting a new model for disaster recovery that lets you recover idle and essentially wasted DR funds and put them to work doing exciting things in your organization.